How many visits will I need?

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How many visits will I need? This is the most common question we are asked everyday. To answer this question, let’s have some basic idea of “course of treatment” first.

    Course of treatment is a special term in Chinese medicine. It means a series of treatments with similar purpose in a certain phase. For a whole treatment for a disease, it may take many times and those times could be divided into different phases.

    During the disease history, pathopatterns may change from one type to another type- this is very common because pathopattern is actually a status diagnosis for a certain phase. And in Chinese medicine, any treatment is made according to pathopattern, but not the disease itself, so it is obvious that in a certain phrase we may just work on one pathopattern- it takes many times- that’s so-called “course of treatment”.

    For some diseases, due to unchanged pathopatterns in the whole disease history, we may take one course of treatment for complete healing; for other diseases, due to the complexity of disease nature, it may take several courses of treatment. In each course of treatment, you can achieve the improvement for the corresponding pathopattern.

    How many sessions are in a course of treatment? For acupuncture, it is usually fifteen times, but this is just a gross estimation, according to the receiver’s responses, the times might be more or less.

    When you have arrived the “end station”, your doctor will tell you:”hi guy, it is the time to end the treatment now, you can come back home, enjoy a cup of coffee now…”Wink No treatment is endless, right? Just sitting in the compartment and waiting for the words…


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