What does acupuncture cost?

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This is a very good but difficult question. Treatment is not goods, you could easily evaluate by its shape, material and other dimensions. It is very difficult to estimate “how much” it is worth by a simple way. I give an example first.

Around five years ago, a patient with asthma found me by friend’s recommendation. She has suffered from this disease for around fifteen years, using a lot of medicines and cost countless money. She got almost despairing for this problem. After my acupuncture treatment for around fifteen times, she is magically cured. She said she’d like to gave all the money she had cost to me because that she not only costed money, but also suffered a lot. Without my treatment, she would continue suffering and costing money… So for treatment is not a simple equation that you can calculate easily. If this treatment cannot solve your problem, even is for free, are you willing to accept that? On the contrary, even it is very expensive, but it can help you a lot, are you willing to accept it then?

    I can guess your answer- yes, of course you would choose that effective one. It looks expensive but it actually save your money and “restore” your health earlier. During my career, for people who very care about money, I usually classify in two types: one is having enough afford ability but just want to save money, I would ask them to see other doctors; the other is really poor, I would give them free treatment.

    Acupuncture is not just a medical skill, is also a “benevolent” way to help people, when they really have financial difficulties, of course you cannot refuse to help them. But, as patient yourself, when you determine to choose a treatment, you should never calculate money, but mostly, make judgement yourself: if this is the right doctor and treatment I am looking for? If it is, just keep on…Please remember, the only thing you can bring with your everywhere is your health, not money. When I was in China I had a patient with avascular necrosis of femur head. He was 59 years old and planned to travel around the world after retirement, however, the disease destroyed all his dream. He is a stuff in bank. He has enough money but he can never call back his health…I also have some very rich friends with diabetes, they can even not enjoy the life as common people can enjoy, when they face a plenty of good meals, they can just sigh…is there any pity more than this? Does money make any sense then?


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