TCM pictures

Here you will find a number of TCM pictures. All of them are collections from internet. This is just for knowledge propagation, not for commercial use. Please get a permission from the creators first before you use it.

1. Meridians and acupoints

 1.1 Lung the hand Taiyin

 1.2 Large intestine the hand Yangming

 1.3 Stomach the foot Yangming

 1.4 Spleen the foot Taiyin

 1.5 Heart the hand Shaoyin

 1.6 Small intestine the hand Taiyang

 1.7 Urinary bladder the foot Taiyang

 1.8 Kidney the foot Shaoyin

 1.9 Pericardium the hand Jueyin

 1.10 Triple Jiao the hand Shaoyang

 1.11 Gall bladder the foot Shaoyang

 1.12 Liver the foot Jueying

2. Famous ancient TCM doctors

 2.1 Bian Que

 2.2 Hua Tuo

 2.3 Zhang Zhongjing

 2.4 Sun Shimiao

 2.5 Li Shizhen

3. TCM diagnoses

 3.1 Microsystem on face

 3.2 Microsystem on palms

4. Qingyulu Healthcare

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